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Boer Goats For Sale in Wyoming

Boer Buck For Sale

We have a pretty nice - Solid Red Buck - except for a white belly splash - for sale 5LH 1151 - 1/1 teat structure - DOB 1/18/2017 - will sell Commercial or with App for registration - Sire - Caprioles Pay Dirt - Dam - 5LH E 1405. 


Current For Sale

"The Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats replacement breeding stock is selected for their conformation, balance, muscling, feet and leg soundness, and teat structure. All the goats we retain for breeding purposes have these characteristics, long, deep, smooth, bulky muscling with good twist, front, back, and in between. They are deep in the chest, with strong rear ends, and that great front to back pear shape, for those easy birthing characteristics. They are up straight on their feet and legs for show stock and as importantly for durability and longevity in commercial, range type conditions. Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats, are a sound investment, whether it be for show, Seed Stock production, or, to raise those fancy type show market wethers, or, just to raise fast growing offspring for the meat market. We select for a two to four clean teat structure; we prefer 4 teats as this better allow for triplets to nurse."

We usually have something for sale Private Treaty here at home. Let us know what you are looking for; we will be glad to send pictures, pedigree, and price of a few individules that could fill your needs;
or better yet use our contact form, our e-address, or our phone line to make an appointment to see all the goats and pick out what you want after viewing them in person.
We look forward to your visit.



We use this page to list our Boer Goats For Sale.
Although we are not currently listing any Boer Goats for Sale on our web site, please fill out our contact form or send us an email if you are interested in finding out when we will be listing some new ones (or if we have some that we just haven't gotten around to listing).
Due to our location, we are able to offer Boer Goats for Sale to people in many states including Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho.


We will accept Cash, Personal Checks with Verified funds, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Bank Transfers via PAYPAL.

Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats

Fred and Joy Rothleutner
1316 Smylie Rd
Douglas, WY 82633

 - 307-359-0405

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