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Boer Goat Buck
Born: 03/20/2015
Sire: Capriole's Struttin Earl (10645717)
Dam: Capriole's Pinch Me Purple (10528002)

On his way Home from Capriole Boer Goats in Washington - Very nice massive young buck - Big strong front end and forearm  - heavily muscled back end - long, flat back, with a very wide muscular loin - short flat croup to tail set - nice long neck tying in perfectly with the slope of the shoulder and back - Very wide base for such a young buck - 1/1 teat structure - Royal buck with a royal pedigree - Don't get no better than that!

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(Reference Sire) 5LH C Coal Train (10621103)

Boer Goat Buck
Price: $00.00
Born: 2/28/1/2013
Sire: JCKN The Bomb (10572950)
Dam: 5LH A 1321 (10538959)

Coal Train has sold and will be on his way to South Dakota on Saturday!!! They have got themselves a good one!!!  We are keeping a large selection of does from Coal Train so have decided to offer him "For Sale" at this time. Will entertain reasonable offers.  This young buck was born a quad, 2/2 teat structure, very large and friendly young buck - Heavily muscled throughout - very large forearm - Long as a coal train - large bone structure and frame - he is so powerful in his neck and front end it appears he dips a bit in the back but not so - This buck has the absolute widest thickest and most muscular loin I've ever witnessed on any buck - on top of that he is as easy to handle as a puppy! Coal Train following in his sire's foot steps in his work close and working hard!

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(Reference Herd Sire) JCKN The Bomb

Boer Goat Buck
Price: (Reference Sire)
Born: 02/12/2012
Sire: EGGS Road Kill Z291
Dam: Kims DA bombdiggity

The Bomb is no longer with us, but, his legacy will continue on with some great Buck and Doe prospects he has left behind to build our herd around; The Bomb is a really massive buck; He's long, tall and wide, with an abundance of muscle everywhere.We will be saving quite a few doe's from this big boy to cross back on the Bucks we will be saving from Road House & Bamani in order to gain more size on our replacement Doe's!! We have sold the Bomb and in his place is a nice son of his Coal Train

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