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Boer Goat Buck
Born: 03/20/2015
Sire: Capriole's Struttin Earl (10645717)
Dam: Capriole's Pinch Me Purple (10528002)

CAPRIOLE'S PAYDIRT (10691151) - Boer Goat Buck

CAPRIOLE'S PAYDIRT (10691151) - Boer Goat Buck

On his way Home from Capriole Boer Goats in Washington - Very nice massive young buck - Big strong front end and forearm  - heavily muscled back end - long, flat back, with a very wide muscular loin - short flat croup to tail set - nice long neck tying in perfectly with the slope of the shoulder and back - Very wide base for such a young buck - 1/1 teat structure - Royal buck with a royal pedigree - Don't get no better than that!


RRD R898 Cannon *Ennobled* 6/2006 (10211111)
JFJ Jerico Farms My Name Is Earl (10418086)
Capriole's Struttin Earl (10645717)
JFJ Jerico Farms Bette Davis Eyes *Ennobled* 1/2008 (10210433)
Capriole's Strutyerstuff (10536702)
Fern Hollow Farms Z9048 Lugo (10501403)
Capriole's Vanity (10455623)


RRD Richocet *Ennobled* 6/2011 (10378769)

Capriole's Meteor *Ennobled* 6/2012 (10495609)

Capriole's Pinch Me Purple (10528002)

EGGS W821 *Ennobled* 6/2011 (10438978)

Capriole's Dux In Purple (10427468)
RRD V808 *Ennobled* 10/2008 (10360158)
Capriloe's Deeno Delux (10340798)

Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats

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